Pain Management

With 19 years experience and over 30,000 cases worked, Freelance anesthesia has performed anesthesia services for many procedures such as

  • spinal cord stimulator trials
  • medial branch blocks
  • non-selective nerve root blocks
  • and other pain procedures
  • discograms
  • radiofrequency ablations
  • kyphoplasty
  • vertebroplasty
  • epidural steroid injections and more

at No cost to your office, we provide

  • Any level of sedation necessary from a conscious sedation to a total intravenous anesthetic.
  • All the equipment, monitors, supplies and drugs necessary.
  • All anesthesia billing services
  • Patient care from pre op to post op
  • Credentials necessary for in-o¬¨ffice procedures

On your time, Patients are sedated and comfortable in the privacy of your office while avoiding the increase cost of facility fees.