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Freelance Anesthesia provides in-office anesthesia services across medical and dental specialties. We save the patient money and improve efficiencies and production for the providers. Freelance Anesthesia provides these services at NO COST to the healthcare providers! We have provided in-office sedations to well over 30,000 patients for a broad range of specialties like gynecology, orthopedic, pain management, adult and pediatric MRIs, interventional radiology, plastics, urology, ophthalmology and adult and pediatric dentistry.

  • In-office anesthesia utilizing a proven sedation technique administered by CRNAs and Anesthesiologists who bring an airway and pharmacologic expertise to patient care.
  • Provides ALL monitors, equipment, supplies and drugs necessary to provide quality in-office anesthesia services at NO COST to the office.
  • Contracted with most major insurance companies and directly bill to insurance for our services.
  • Provides all levels of sedations for in-office procedures.

Patients are pre-screened and provided with personalized NPO instructions based on the time of their procedures, not the universal convenience of NPO after MN for every patient regardless of procedure time.

The Difference in Mobile Anesthesia:

  • Increase your professional fees by doing more procedures in the office vs. an outpatient surgical facility or hospital setting.
  • Increase your case load by doing multiple procedures in-office instead of going to the hospital or surgery center.
  • Improve practice efficiency by avoiding the scheduling conflicts, delays and travel time that occur when doing procedures at the hospital.
  • Save patients money by helping them avoid higher hospital fees and insurance deductibles.

Benefits for Providers:

  • Increased revenue with decreased time
  • Generate revenue while room is being turned over
  • No risk of being bumped or delayed for prolonged procedures or emergency cases
  • Schedule on your time, not facilities time

Benefits for Patients:

  • Get your procedure done quickly in a safe environment
  • Less hassle than going to the hospital
  • Avoid high hospital deductables
  • We accept all insurances
  • Payment plans available

Benefits for CRNA’s:

  • Higher hourly rate
  • Increased flexibility
  • No call or weekends
  • Tax benefits on income
  • Autonomous practice and schedule







Pain Management



freelance05With 19 years experience and over 30,000 cases worked, Freelance anesthesia has performed a unique pediatric sedation technique on over 6,000 in-office dental procedures, allowing work to be completed in one visit with one sedation.

In compliance with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the AAPD Guidelines for Monitoring and Management of Pediatric Patients during and after sedation for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures, our goal is to keep over 90% of all children out of the hospital for their dental needs.

No cost to your office, we provide

  • Any level of sedation necessary from a conscious sedation to a total intravenous anesthetic.
  • All the equipment, monitors, supplies and drugs necessary.
  • All anesthesia billing services
  • Patient care from pre op to post op
  • Credentials necessary for in-office procedures

On your time, Patients are sedated and comfortable in the privacy of your office while avoiding the increase cost of facility fees.




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